Here we are in this “now” moment and “now” and “now” and “now”… All is definitely not what it appears to be!

We have been trained from birth to look and see in a narrow way that hides a vast reality going on all around us.

We have been inculcated by our society to live in the future predicted by our past and often by our past wounds, not our greatness. We have been taken from our natural rhythms and forced to adjust and conform to a societal norm that generally benefits an elite few, as well as a system that is flawed, dehumanizing and distorted. It’s no wonder the word is in the condition that it currently is.

Most people are uncomfortably oblivious to their true power and greatness, living lives asleep or in a massive illusion that feels so very real and captivating that they blindly continue forward on the same path. Unfortunately that path, the current path, is unsustainable, destructive inwardly and thus outwardly. Here we can find the key to open the closed doors of our awareness.

The key is our inner awakening that, once realized, breaks the chains of illusions held in place by a mass consciousness devoted to its own illusory expansion and denial of deeper truths.

Those deeper truths continually whisper out from our hearts with gentle offerings to see what is unseen. When we don’t listen, don’t pay attention, we are offered increasingly more and more opportunities to wake up. Those opportunities are gifted to us from the deepest core of our being, from immense love for us, in increasingly stronger, more insistent presentations.

“Wake up, wake up!” – we are invited and if our carefully laid plans and well-plotted lives are thrown into chaos, there is no malicious intent. There is only love desiring your wakefulness and illumination.

We will awaken through our hearts knowing and the Universe is loving us so very much that everything is brought to us for our benefit of waking up. We will awaken from the sleep we have been in, the fog around us being seared through by the light illuminating us into awareness of the greater reality of our relationship with all things. We will see and understand connections and relationships from a higher perspective and our life will be given the opportunity for real change and transformation.

This is the heroine and hero’s journey of awakening through the heart and releasing illusions, releasing what has been weighing us down, what has been blinding us from the truth and the love ever flowing from the Universe continually through us. This is not a journey for the faint of heart or the person looking for worldly gain and recognition. Although this may come it will be something that simply arises, gifted through grace, not through the old paradigm of achievement.

You can be a conscious participant in your heart opening, your awakening, or be dragged kicking and screaming eventually to the same place. You can open to the adventure awaiting you, the amazing co-incidences and unexpected gifts of illumination through your conscious choosing. The choice is yours and the pathways are many, each will be individual and unique with a world of interesting surprises awaiting you.

I wish you so many blessings filled with continual grace and ease on your journey of awakening! I am here to assist you along your way if that feels like it would be most appropriate for you.

In Light, Love and Service,

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