I was in a yoga class today, one of my self-care activities, and a vision came to me quite unexpectedly. I would like to offer you an analogy using the kaleidoscope as a reference point to help make more concrete something that’s very ephemeral and quite the opposite of concrete! I’ll also try to make something that’s very complicated and multidimensional as simple, straightforward and understandable as possible in words without multiple diagrams and pictures to explain it.

What I saw was that there was a center point like the center point or black dot that’s at the center of most kaleidoscopes as you look into them.  Around the center point are all the colored pieces and fractals of various colors and shapes surrounding that one central point. They are usually in a circle around it in most kaleidoscopes. Our Higher Self was that central point within the kaleidoscope.

If you would picture or imagine a round pie. You could imagine your favorite type of pie if you wish, apple, cherry, maybe peach or a berry. Make cuts across the pipe that will give you approximately 10 or 12 equal pieces. Let’s imagine you call that center spot the Higher Self. Even though in this analogy the Higher Self is smaller than the pieces around it, in reality the Higher Self is on a different dimension and really much larger than the individual pieces of our pie.

As you have probably guessed by now the individual slices of pie represents physical bodies and personalities.

One Higher Self may have as many as 10 or12 separate aspects of itself that are self-aware individuals, with their own personalities. Each separate slice gets its own flavor yet is a direct emanation of one central self. Each of the slices of our metaphorical pie here are connected to each other through the central Higher Self and actually can share information back-and-forth on a subconscious level. What one aspect experiences or learns can be felt and shared by other aspects, usually in an unconscious way, but can potentially be accessed consciously.

Some of the slices are not even human as we know it, yet have much in common besides their greater Higher Self. This adds a very interesting dimension and completely new flavor and coloring to our wholeness. Our wholeness is comprised of human and non-human separate individual consciousness or selves. Each of the selves has their own life and particular interests, as well as particular flavors, so to speak.

The Higher Self that is central to all the slices, radiates and infuses the separate pieces of itself with life and energy continuously. All the separate aspects are loved absolutely and completely and this is radiated continuously to them. The Higher Self grows and expands through the life experience of it’s smaller aspects.

The Higher Self is also an aspect of a Higher Self above itself, just to make things a little more multi-dimensional and complicated!

Imagine looking into and turning the kaleidoscope or moving the wheels that might be on the end of the kaleidoscope.  When you do this it shows you all the motion and color in a continuously revolving expanding and changing set of patterns. Our life and the other lives that we are connected to us are like this. Just to make this a little bit more “real” and expanded, all the people around us are also like this and their kaleidoscope of movements relates to us, interacts with, and affects us as well.

We are in an incredibly complex set of forces and pressures in complex relationships with everything around us in ways we are mostly blind to and unaware of.

The plants and animals around us and even the things we think of as not sentient or denser and not really “alive” like rocks or more fluid like the water also are really alive and conscious. They have similar relationships in a way like, but unlike, ours. As you can see it gets really complicated really fast with multiple layers and dimensions intersecting, interfacing and interacting with each other!

Again please think of the kaleidoscope as you look into it and all the movements and beauty and color swirling that is changing all the time. This Is us and is our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this vision I had. Hopefully it may stimulate you to look at yourself and everything around you in a new more wonderful and awed way.

In Light, Love and Service,

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