There is a mental knowing of something that can often masquerade for the real thing. It is like the idea of what a cherry looks and tastes like and then the actual experience of ingesting the fruit. Seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting all the different textures and the multitude of full sensations of truly experiencing what the actual thing is results in a very different reality. There is a world of difference between the two perceptions!

In the same way I have recently experienced the difference between the mental idea of letting go of resistance and the full actual experience of it. It seems so simple, yet the contrast is like night and day!. It’s like the difference between turning on the light switch and allowing the light to shine brightly as compared to when the light is not turned on.

Looking back, I can see that more often than not I’ve only had the idea of letting go of resistance as compared to the actual full sense and experiencing of it. I thought the light was turned on because I’ve seen a flickering here in there, yet having the light turned on for real is a completely different reality for me.

The key that turned the lock, opening the door to the full reality of the experience, was shifting into, holding and maintaining a state of appreciation. This is an ongoing experience of appreciating everything around me in simple and loving presence. It’s a state of gratitude that is in total acceptance of the awesome diversity, complexity and richness surrounding us.

From such a state your vibration rises to allow more alignment with the Universe and all that has been waiting for your Higher Alignment. You are then in a vibrational state to allow the flow of those things you may have wished for and dreamed of. They can now be brought to you in a flowering of coincidences. This is a state of being Masters have talked about throughout the ages. You can join with them now…

In Light, Love & Service,

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