WaterFire_2Relationships are most rewarding when we connect from the deepest place within us.

We are each amazingly unique and diverse, it is a wonder that we can communicate and have the depth and consistency in the various relationships that we do! It’s like if you go to a zoo and all the different animals were let out free to interact. This is what it looks like watching humans interact on an energetic level!

From this perspective it makes sense that some types of individuals naturally go together and others not so well. In this way members of the same, for lack of a better word, “energetic” family naturally come together with an affinity and understanding of each other and their ways of being in the world. The more diverse our energetic backgrounds are, the more difficult and challenging communicating and being in relationship can be. One way to bring about greater harmony and alignment is to focus on how we are more similar than how we are different.

When I see the couple from the perspective of their energy body, I sometimes see very different energetic signatures, and using our ongoing analogy of “different species of animals” I pay attention to this. I look at how they are, or are not, connecting in ways that are authentic to their deepest and truest natures. Alignments and harmonization’s of an energetic nature can help relieve pressures that have built up over time. This deeper nature is often not seen or understood and really has little to do with what the couple’s perceptions about the conflict or disharmony really are.

And then of course there’s the ego and all that it brings into the dance of a relationship. This interaction brings a whole different dimension and complexity to interpersonal relationships. This is where our ongoing personal attention to and focus on our own evolution, our personal growth and ongoing alignment with the Higher-Self is crucial.

When we are able to interact from a place that is not so highly ego-based, or based primarily out of need or on reward and/or punishment, our love can flow freely. Then we can much more easily and synergistically work in partnership with another person. The more clear end aligned each individual, is the more clear and aligned the relationship will become or be. It is all a dance we are continually learning new steps to and ways of moving within so that it becomes more fluid, graceful and aligned in higher and higher ways.

Taking all this into account I am offering a Couples Harmonization Session. This session is specifically designed to bring two people into greater alignment and harmony with each other at the highest levels possible. What are brought into alignment and harmonization are those areas where the two can meet consensually, without either having to lower their frequency or vibration for the other person.

If this sounds like something that would be of value and help to you it would be my pleasure and honor to assist you in this way!

In Light, Love & Service,

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