mountain-mount-fuji-cherry-tree-peak-snow-japan-1024x1280I have been in Tokyo Japan all of October offering a “Heart Opening” workshop and individual sessions. It has been a really wonderful journey with truly amazing people courageous enough to be open to changing their lives through a personal expansion of consciousness and letting go of what no longer serves them. True alignment with ones Higher-Self is not for the faint of heart as opening to the new means letting go of old and familiar patterns of behavior and habits!

How much of a priority is your health to you? How much do you value your health and mental balance? Maybe it is time to review your habits that serve you and those that do not. It is much easier to shift and change before you become off balance and over stressed and sick. Of course eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of pure water, getting the rest and exercise your body needs to rejuvenate itself is a thing sometimes easy to forget in a fast paced busy life.

Personally I have been challenged by being in a city of 35 million people and challenging news from home. The contrast has helped me to focus and let go of some of my own old patterns that have not been serving me. In serving others I have grown immensely, being forced to let go of my personal concerns to meet the greater needs of my clients. This has opened me to receiving more activations and energies that I can channel and share.

One primary thing that has sustained me during this stressful time is having a daily meditation practice. Another is my practice of breathing in Light to the center of my heart and allowing it to radiate outward throughout my body and aura has been invaluable. This is something that can be done throughout the day and helps to balance and align oneself in challenging situations. This can be done as simply as breathing in Light to the center of your heart with each breath for 14 breaths and allowing it to radiate throughout your body expanding within through and all around you. I highly recommend it!

Another life enhancing, stabilizing and aligning practice you can do is to take a few minutes before going to sleep at night to focus on and remind yourself of all the things that have gone “right” in your day and life. Focus on those things that are uplifting and simply feel “good” to you. And in the morning take a few minutes before getting up and starting your day to do the same thing. This will improve your life and all that comes into your life during the day.

In Light, Love & Service, 



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