Lightbody Sessions

Sessions Offered

Please review the sessions below, with links to a full description of each session. If you are having difficulty deciding I would recommend first considering:

  1. Now Session
  2. The Diamond Lightbody Strengthening and Fortification
  3. The Energy Retrieval Session (“Soul Retrieval”)
  4. The Chakra Purification or KA Channel Purification
  5. Axiotonal Alignment Level 1 and Level 2
  6. Sacred Geometry Infusion
  7. Enlightenment Session

The “NOW” Session may be appropriate anytime and is different each time it is received.

The Opening of the KA Channels must be done “Hands-on” and in person due to the nature of the energies involved. This is a 15-hour session. See more below.

New Sessions

  • Sacred Divine Breath Alignment Your personal alignment is crucial to living the life you desire, conscious manifestation, your health and well-being. Without alignment you are spun like a leaf in the wind, a snowflake swirling in a storm and dramatically disempowered. I’d like to offer you a simple yet profound daily practice to become more aligned and help stay that way amidst life’s uncertainties and surprises.
  • Personal Private Intensive A one-on-one PERSONAL PRIVATE INTENSIVE in which you are able to customize the sessions your individual needs.
  • Couples Harmonization Session A session is specifically designed to bring two people into greater alignment and harmony with each other.
  • Transforming Physically Manifested Illness This session addresses the energetic, root causes of dis-ease, and not just the symptoms.
  • 2022 Frequency Shift Harmonization & Alignment This Session specifically will assist you in aligning with the energies now available to assist you for 2022 and beyond.
  • Sacred Geometry Infusion
    This Session is done in conjunction with your Higher-Self focuses on and infuses Sacred Geometries directly into your physical body. The infused Sacred Geometries reconnect you to your higher dimensional divine blueprint and provide missing pieces that allow you to function as you were originally and uniquely designed.
  • Enlightenment
    This session will specifically address and work to move, shift, clear, open and re-align into a higher order those things that are specifically weighting you down, that are holding you back from being lighter, more free and more able to ascend with grace and ease into more of the fullness of all that you really are capable of being here and now on Earth.
  • DNA Clearing & Activation
    To specifically clear and activate your DNA into higher functioning and to revitalize it to assist your body in moving into the higher energies that have been coming in since 2012, in the highest and best way possible.
  • Heart Opening
    Consists of three complementary sessions given approximately 7 days apart. Each of the three sessions builds on the previous session and is uniquely designed for each person who receives it.

Lightbody Sessions

  • NOW Session
    Provides what you need NOW to align, balance, clear, open, etc. Good for any time you need a boost.
  • Diamond Lightbody Strengthening & Fortification
    Assists the human body as it mutates from a carbon to silicon-based organism, with the transitions and adjustments that it is going through during this time of change.
  • Chakra Purification
    Purifies and clears energy through your chakra system, so that you feel you feel healthy, in harmony and able to move through the world gracefully.
  • Eshyouhod Purification & Infusion
    Using Eshyouhod Purification energy we will clear out old dysfunctional energetic patterns held within the non-physical energy bodies, remove cords, parasites and inhibiting structures.
  • Ka Channel Purification
    This Purification process might be likened to using a laser to clear a pathway that has become clogged with foreign matter, allowing a free flow of energy movement and more ease in connecting with and embodying your Higher Self.
  • Ka Channel Activation & Opening
    This is a 15 hour, “hands on” clearing and activation procedure, which opens all of the 16 pairs of Ka channels, allowing more of the Higher Self to flow through the physical body.
  • Axiotonal Alignment Level 1
    Helps re-establish connection to the Oversoul, then transmits the appropriate energies through the axiatonal lines to regenerate, and re-harmonize the various bodies according to the Divine Blueprint.
  • Axiotonal Alignment Level 2
    Further refines the major connections made during the level 1 session, and insures all the minor Light Lines of our multidimensional structure are functioning correctly.
  • Heaven & Earth Alignment
    This Session will assist you to have the benefits of being firm in both the Heaven’s and the Earth’s energies with the ability to fluidly shift between the two swiftly and gracefully as needed and desired.
  • Divine Nature Infusion
    Helps attune our physical body to the rhythms and pulses of the Earth and is in its highest state of health, as when it is surrounded by nature and the energy nature naturally offers.
  • Clearing the “Psychic Answering Machine”
    This popular session helps to clear past thoughts and energies we hold about people in our lives. Frees the energy to connect with people from our current energy of positive energy towards them. You may find that loved ones, friends and co-workers are much more likely to be cooperative, caring, clear, positive and loving in return with you.
  • Holographic Repatterning Session
    Connects to the core essence of an individual and spins out any energies that do not belong to the original patterning.
  • Rainbow Light Infusion
    A channeled infusion of the various rays of colored light, like a rainbow, that is specifically focused on you and all your physical and non-physical energy systems.
  • Grace & Love Infusion
    Love and Grace energies that infuse and support your spiritual, emotional and physical energy fields.
  • Divine Energy Infusion
    Bypasses the logical conscious mind and is a direct transmission of the correct energetic or energetics that are most necessary at the time of the session.
  • Divine Masculine Energy Infusion
    Helps to align and attune to the Divine Masculine energy you presently carry and then to use this attunement to allow your inner expression, inner creativity to begin to manifest outwardly in the physical world. (Good for both men and women.)
  • 21-Day Assisted Alignment Daily Meditation
    Kick up your meditation process with 21 days of assisted energy, connecting in meditation for a short time each day while I hold you in my meditation as well. This unique energy session will help you to raise your vibration to an ever higher level, which will be easy to sustain on your own after this time of working together.
  • Energy Retrieval (Soul Retreival)
    We actively retrieve parts of your core energy that is outside of yourself and when it is returned to you allows for you to function at optimal levels.

Spiritual Counseling

  • Spiritual Counseling
    Focuses on empowering you to take charge of you life and assuming your own Mastery.