supernovastarThrough life we all accumulate things that serve us and things that do not. At times we can become so full of the past that there does not seem to be room for more to come to us that allows us to receive the new and the forward momentum that we would like. Would you like to let go of some old baggage that is only weighing you down and not allowing you to move as gracefully as you could?

We can use our mind and imagination in very helpful ways. Thinking, visualizing and imagining something is a good start! Combining this with physical motion can bring about an even more effective shift and change in our energy. When we think and imagine and then combine physical movement of some sort in alignment with our goal this allows a synergistic effect to take place that much more effectively creates the desired movement and change.

I would like to offer you a little Meditation, a little Ceremony for you

This ceremony will help you to let go of those things that no longer serve you and to become more open to receive something new that is in more alignment with where your dreams and life experience have taken you.

Take some time to meditate, think about, collect your thoughts, refine and simplify bringing into the essence the basics of what it is that you wish to let go of.

Gather objects such as pieces of paper, maybe some stones that you have gathered, possibly pieces of wood, marbles or something that you can use to infuse, write upon or to symbolize what you will be choosing to let go of. Find something that will work for you in this process, that seems fitting to you and somehow resonates with you and that you can let go of permanently.

  1. Set your space by purifying the area that you are in. You might do this with sound, incense, invocations and prayers or whatever combination of things that clear and purify the time and space you will be doing this process in. It will be more effective if you add physical movement to your purification process like sprinkling purified and blessed water around your space, using your hands to move the energy in the area as you imagine and intend purifying light coming out of your fingertips or the palms of your hands. Maybe you will do something else using physical motion with strong intent behind a physical movement you will be using to clean, clear and purify your space.
  2. Write or draw upon the paper that you have what it is you will be releasing. Maybe you will use written words, draw a picture or just create a symbol. You might write on a clear bottle or glass jar with a marker of some sort what it is and then later in step number 4 the object can be smashed. Use your clear intention and energy directed from your hands to infuse the objects you might be using as a receptacle of what you are letting go of. Do this in whatever way works best for you or combination of ways. The idea is to take out of you what no longer serves you and put it into what you are using as the symbol of what is being released.
  3. Really take your time and use strong thought, intention and physical motion and movement with whatever object you are using that symbolizes what it is that you are releasing.
  4. Now you will let go of the object in a way that it will not come back to you again. You may burn it, smash it, throw it into flowing water like a stream or river, rip it up and destroy it somehow or release it in such a way to be sure the object is physically moved from and away from you permanently. Again you can use strong physical movement as you were doing this to increase the effectiveness and make it more “real”.
  5. After you have done the physical process of letting the symbol go take a little time to be quiet and relaxed within yourself. Allow yourself to breathe slowly and deeply and imagine and intend any colored light that feels good to you to totally fill you. Use your breath, imagination and intentions to allow the light to fill your heart and radiate outward from your heart throughout your whole body out the top of your head, the bottoms of your feet and your hands. Imagine and intend the light is filling the places where what you have released once was.
  6. To complete the process it would be good to be bathed in water preferably a shower or water from the top of your head down to your feet. Again imagining and intending that the water wash clear and clean away any and all residue of the thing or things that you have released.

This is a very real and powerful process that will serve you anytime there is something you wish to let go of. I know it can be of great benefit to you and look forward to hearing from you how this works for you in your life. If you feel you need extra help in clearing out things that no longer serve you please do look at the sessions that I offer and how they might assist you in coming into greater alignment within yourself, letting go of what no longer serves you and opening new doors and pathways for a more fulfilling life.

In Light, Love and Service,


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