2015-MarchWe have always had great beings that have incarnated on earth and stand as a reference point for us. They provide an ideal or example for how we could live and what it could be like to live from a very high and elevated plane of existence. They hold the highest positioning possible that a human might attain during their earthly life. These beings are also able to embody more of their Higher-Self into their physicality than most of us seem to be able to for a sustained period of time.

Most of these great beings while born with the potential for this greater expression of the highest aspects of humanity. Like us, they have had many trials and tribulations along their path to get to their high position and ability to hold as much light and love as they have done and do. In other words, they have had many challenges along their way to move through and overcome to get to where they can be the shining example for us to see and emulate if we so choose.

The trials and challenges that they have had forced them to rise above where they were at and reach a new level of understanding, consciousness and the ability to retain and hold light. Along their way many received gifts and powers that were unusual, beyond what most of us seem to have and exhibit in our daily lives. The gifts and powers they may have and have exhibited do not define them, but again show what is all potentially available to and for us as we refine ourselves and embody more and more of what we truly are.

I believe the ability to love; to hold and to radiate love is what defines these great beings. They also hold and radiate a great deal of light. They have the ability to see and reflect the highest aspects of the people they interact with from a clear, positive, loving perspective.

Many people who have refined themselves do receive gifts and powers that are outside the normal. Yet, most of those who have stop there as if that is the endpoint and use their gifts, abilities and unusual powers for their own advantage and gain, both consciously or unconsciously. They generally have great charisma and power as a result of the refinement they have done, or they possibly are simply an anomaly. In various ways, sometimes subtle and sometimes not, over time it becomes clear they have not risen to be one of the truly great beings that most of us would choose to emulate and hold as a reference point.

These advanced yet not really highly enlightened people serve to help us refine our own discernment along our way. They definitely can help us to advance in our own process, and then to move forward in our own growth we must be discerning enough to see deeper and to let go of them and reach for an even higher and more refined expression of what we term enlightenment and possibly love.

They can be the boat that helps us get across difficult waters. Yet continuing in the analogy of the boat, if we do not let go of them once we have crossed the difficult waters that they were so helpful to us in the crossing, we are weighed down and held far behind what is our potential to manifest for ourselves.

When you let go of those things that are weighing you down you will naturally rise higher. It is as if you were floating in water and your natural tendency is to float, letting yourself be carried along by the current of life and all the manifestations that you attract and become your life. When you take on and allow things to weigh you down, you then begin to sink beneath the surface and can get bounced along the bottom for a while. It hurts! Once you let go of what is heavy, weighing you down, then you rise like a cork that has been pushed below the water and released. When the downward force, or the heavy weight, is released it rises and pops to the surface and flows swiftly forward carried by the currents and streams of life.

You can do this yourself and at times it’s very helpful to have assistance in letting go of what no longer serves you. I would like to offer you a simple little meditation, with the intention that it will free you to float much more easily and release whatever you are ready to let go of let go of.

1. Take the time to come and center yourself and allow yourself to be grounded and secure the space you are in whatever ways that work for you.

2. Imagine or visualize you are floating in a stream of energies that have different shades or colors of blue. Maybe you are floating or even flying through the various colors of blue watery colors or clouds.

3. Become aware of your body. Know that it is your Lightbody, your energy body, that will be floating through the various energy streams of blue.

4. Enjoy and feel the freedom that you have floating in your lightbody, that is so different than your physical body, and at the same time somewhat similar.

5. Notice that there are lighter and darker areas within yourself, your Lightbody or energy body.

6. Call in and breathe in a sparkling golden-white light, or possibly a violet colored sparkling light from all around you into your heart.

7. Let the sparkling gold and white light radiate out from your heart with each breath, finding those darker spots and illuminating them with light and transforming them into brighter areas as the rest of you illuminates and brightens even more.

8. As you do this notice that you become lighter in color as well as in “weight” you will begin to raise upwards in the current you are flowing and streaming in. It is as if you were in water and all of the sudden became more buoyant and began to rise to the surface, wherever that was!

9. You may wish to continue this process as long as you have time and it feels good to you.

The more you practice and really do this little lightening-up meditation it will probably shift and change into something different that is uniquely yours and works particularly correct for you. Please let me know how it works for you.

As long as you are in a physical body you will continually orient towards health and letting go of those things that no longer serve you. You can assist or hinder this process and the more conscious you become the better choices you will make. I have trust and faith in you and your natural process and orientation to health and well being! And if you think I might be of assistance to you in any way please do let me know.

In Light, Love and Service,

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