image1Change and transformation is what you have come here to do. Sometimes we just become aware of what is not working in our lives suddenly, like waking up from a dream, and other times it has been a lifelong set of patterns that have finally reached a point where we cannot allow them to continue any longer.

The difficult and challenging situations we “find” ourselves in are usually long term sets of choices that have coalesced into patterns that repeat themselves and often grow more intense and dramatic over time. They have a tendency to intensify and become larger and more pronounced and painful the longer we stay in them. The further we grow apart from what our heart is calling us to do the more difficult and challenging our lives become. The more we wake up from the dream we have found ourselves in the less comfortable we are with what has been. We begin to feel the desire to change the situations around us so that we feel more comfortable with our new self awareness.

We are born into situations, cultures and societies that are dysfunctional and in need of change. We often try and change the people closest to us to help us to feel better some way. Or we seek to change particular situations or the society and culture we live in. This often becomes a battle and fight that we feel very justified in and devote huge amounts of time and energy to. Unfortunately these efforts are usually doomed to failure as we are seeking to change what is outside of us first rather than changing the personal patterns we have embodied. It is our day-to-day, moment-to-moment choices from an aligned, clear, heart opened place that really make positive changes. As we change ourselves and our relationship to life, webegin the process that will bring about what we truly desire in the most in the highest most comprehensive, humane and loving of ways.

It’s all in our perspective, broaden our view and become a secret agent for change.

The perspective we are looking from is crucial to our choice making!

Just like using a microscope we can look at “things” or the situation we find ourselves in with a very magnified close view that shows us one thing and then when we back off from the magnification we “see things” and the situation in another way and viewpoint. Let me suggest from a greater and more vast perspective, You are a Secret Agent thrown into a very difficult and challenging situation to bring about change and a different order. You do this through your personal growth, transformation, enlightenment and awakening.

You really are a secret agent of change here on earth masquerading as an ordinary human being. It is time for you to wake up. Your personal growth, enlightenment and awakening creates a transformation from the inside out that brings about real change and evolution. Your mission, your job, is to embody fully all of who and what you are here on earth, in a heart opened, compassionate and loving way. How you do this is up to you and the time is now!

With great compassion, light and love,

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