Book of AwakeningHabits are things we do repetitively, often without thinking about them, without thought or really offering attention to them. Some habits are very helpful to us and others are less helpful. I have the habit of brushing my teeth and then flossing them with dental floss before I go to bed each evening. My dentist tells me that this is a very good habit. Somehow I never got into the habit of brushing my teeth in the morning before eating or going about my day. My dentist tells me that it’s not just about cleaning the food debris out of my teeth but about breaking up plaque and cleaning away bacteria that is promoting tooth decay and that by brushing every 12 hours will keep my teeth cleaner and healthier no matter if I have eaten in between or not.

So, after a lifetime of doing something different I’m learning a new habit to brush my teeth in the morning or approximately 12 hours after I’ve brushed them previously. And I find that, as it is not something that’s habitual, something that’s not in my previously ordinary routine that it is easy to overlook or forget. Doing something new and different takes consciousness, it takes attention, it takes paying attention and consciously making the choice to do something different. It takes waking up and being awake in the moment.

Doing something new and different takes work, energy consciousness and the awareness that to do this will be beneficial to me somehow. I’m using the example of brushing my teeth as it is something we all do, have an understanding about and usually a belief that it’s somehow good for us to do this although we may not immediately see the consequences of it. In fact often there’s little instant gratification in brushing one’s teeth and dental flossing them unless we have something stuck in our teeth, have eaten an especially odorous food or something that we can feel with our tongue is coating our teeth.

I have a daily practice of energetic clearing and cleaning of myself that I do in the mornings and often at night before I go to bed. I do this because there are things that are less physical and obvious that can have a detrimental effect on me. So, like brushing and flossing my teeth for immediate and long-term health I do practices that clean and clear my etheric energy fields around my body similarly to taking a shower and washing with soap and cleansing and cleaning my physical body. And it has taken work and continues to be work at times to do the things that help me to stay clean, clear, physically healthy and more vibrant and alive. In previous monthly thoughts I have offered practices and suggestions that I believe are simple, very helpful and that I have seen clear and positive results through using them myself and from people I have worked with. You may wish to look at some of the past months if you would like some new suggestions or to remember some of what I have offered before.

I invite you to look at your habits and would suggest that you consider if your old habits can be improved upon or new ones implemented that will serve you to be more whole and healthy. What I am inviting you to do will take some work, it will take being conscious and aware and in some ways waking up in the moment. Being awake has many advantages and in my opinion and experience is well worth your time and efforts.

Often we’re very comfortable in our old ways of doing things, our old habits and, in a way, we are sleepwalking through life. My invitation to you is to begin to explore and do things that assist you in becoming more alive, awakening and becoming more conscious in the moment-to-moment movement of your life. You can do this all on your own if you wish. If you would like some assistance I would be honored to assist you in your process of becoming more awake, alive, conscious and whole. Please feel free to contact me and we will see what we can awaken together!

In Light, Love and Service,


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