Adama 2015 Fall - 500wWe all made up of a constellation of thoughts, ideas, memories and perceptions that are overlaid on top of our essential self which also could be called our core nature. When we were born into this world our essential self was very present and radiating outward, free and clear of what this world and it’s influences will impose upon us – shape, contort and force us to conform to. We also come into these lives with other influences that will effect how we are able to function and move.

So, by the time you reach adulthood there are a multitude of overlays on top of our essential self. Some of the very potent overlays are how we have adapted to our parentage, schooling and societal influences. We adapt in certain ways that allow us to survive and ideally prosper in our home, growing up and in society at large. We learn and take on various behaviors and ideals, as well as helpful or less helpful ideas from our parents, schooling and work environments and those people who we interact with and interact with us.

We often assume through our genetic lineage and cultural inculcation habits, ideas and beliefs specific to the culture and society we grow up in and they remained mostly unseen and unquestioned. We are submerged like fish in a fish tank in that are mostly oblivious to the water all around us. The water, in this case, is everything we have taken on – like various pieces of clothing – since we have been born, wearing and living within it unquestioningly.

We are force-fed ideas and beliefs that are held as “true” and “real” and enforced through the mass or group energetic fields of beliefs all around us. They influence and effect us all the time like the weather – the rain, snow and wind – that we encounter all the time. Thankfully there is sunshine as well! Of course there are are optimal combinations of culture, weather, parenting, schooling and societal influences. A good question to ask is how healthy is our society and the culture we have grown up in?

If we look at the world around us it is abundantly clear that things must change and become very different and this must take place sooner than later.

You might ask yourself what can you as an individual do, considering everything I have mentioned above? Is it even possible to become an agent of positive change for yourself, your family, your loved ones, your society and the world around you?

My answer is an unequivocal YES!

I know that all of you reading this, if you’ve gotten this far, are becoming and being the solution by your personal evolution. You do this by waking up! You do this by educating yourself and becoming ever more discerning in your choices. You make choices that affirm your beliefs, choices that are life affirming. Choices that support living in an environment that’s clean and nurturing. Choices that affirm love and connection rather than separation and alienation. Choices that show you love yourself and are committed to caring for and nurturing yourself.

Changing and evolving your own consciousness is the only way that you can be of help and assistance to those you love and the world around you. When you’re sinking in quicksand you cannot offer a hand to help anybody else out. So your dedication to self-care assures you will be standing on firmer ground and able to help those you love.

We are all in different stages of moving from asleep to waking up. Having compassion and understanding for others and their current stage of development is essential. We do not expect a kindergartner to have the maturity, cognitive abilities, discernment and choice-making abilities of a high-schooler or a college graduate. Your dedication to doing what is necessary to free yourself of the conditioning you have taken on, your commitment to waking up, freeing yourself from those things that are weighing you down, numbing you and blinding and binding you is what will ensure and create a changed world.

Embodying your true abilities and potentials to be all of what you came here to Earth to be is the solution to the crisis we are currently living in.

We are all in this world together and together is how we are going to assist and change it to be the place that it really can be! Let us create through our personal evolution a world that we are desiring to live in and that our children will thrive in. The more you embody, in every day and every moment, the type of world do you want to live in and pass on to your children the sooner it will become manifest.

It is my passion and honor to assist those of you who feel what I have to offer would be of help in your personal evolution. Please do look over the various sessions and services I have to offer and let me know how I might assist you in your ongoing journeys and evolutions. I will delight in assisting you into becoming your highest and best embodiment of the essential self that you were born to be!

In Light, Love and Service,

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