There is a poem that I’m very fond of by Edwin Markham:
“They drew a line that shut me out,
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout!
But love and I had the wit to win
We drew a circle and brought them in.”

Love is the glue that binds everything together. It is the essential ingredient, the highest intelligence that is forever calling you home. Love is calling you home to yourself and cares little for your plans, dreams and schemes.

Love opens us continuously to the mystery of life. The walls we build, the boundaries we make, and the ideas we hold will all be circumvented, crossed and illuminated with ruthless precision. Did you really imagine that once you “healed” or “awakened” everything would makes sense, everything would flow gracefully, easily without perturbations or strain ever again?

Love sees your ideas and ideals as the illusionary crystal ball they are and gleefully smashes them into sparkling rainbow dust that if and when you try to put them back together again you are left bleeding, cut, helpless and hopeless. The idea of being forever safe, blissful, euphoric, as well as steady and consistent, is once again reconstructed. The idea that we would hurt less, that as our hearts opened, we healed, we would feel less of the worlds pain, confusion, fear or anger might need to be shattered again and again in love’s great opening and expansive embrace.

The truth of the matter is that Love opens you to more and more experience of what “is” and what is available to be experienced, to be lived and expanded by. In the process of loves embrace you become more alive, more enlightened, more heart centered, more sensitive, aware, touched and touchable.

You become more truly human in the highest sense of the word!

You become more alive and in touch with everything and all that is. You begin to find strength in your vulnerability, as well as being able to be more creative, spontaneous and simply, purely alive!

You came here to be awake, creative, vital, alive and give the world the uniqueness of your presence. Your job is to let go of your perceived limitations weighted down upon you through your upbringing, the society you chose to grow up in, your schooling and all the hardships and damages you have received in growing to the ripe age that you are now.

There’s lots of help all around you if you look for it and ask and be discerning in your choosing. If your discernment is not so keen, you will learn and grow because Love will illuminate you and the path will be revealed one step at a time for you. You can relax in the knowing that all will ultimately be well.

The more you let go of drawing lines that do not serve you and draw more circles that embrace and take everything in, the more your life will transform evolving naturally into the new. You become more and more at ease with the dance of life in you and all around you, knowing movement, change and evolution is the gift love offers you. Why not embrace it now, drawing the circle that takes everything in?

In Light, Love & Service,

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