image1 (3)We are in the midst of a very powerful and unstoppable movement of change, reorganization and illumination. Can you feel it? The world as we know it is in the process of changing radically. Almost all of our old thought patterns, beliefs, assumptions, strategies and behaviors are no longer working and are fading into nonexistence.

Your power is in the choices you make and where you choose to focus your attention. You have the option to put your time, mental energy and physical energy into focusing on and creating the world you want or continuing a nonfunctional fading old world. Fear wants you to keep focused on avoiding what you don’t want. Fear advises you to direct your thoughts, time, energy and resources toward preventing changes with the illusion that this is going to keep you safe and secure.

As the caterpillar surrenders to the unknown, abandoning all that once was, we too are in this process and the outcome from our perspective here and now is a bit unimaginable. Transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly is the process we are in and we can go willingly or fight and kick and scream all the way. The harder we hold on to a dysfunctional past the more pain and suffering we will have to endure.

Something new is being born inside you, at the same time something else is dying. My invitation to you is to stay present in the uncertainty and the chaos. You may feel like you are in quicksand as you move through this reorganization. Have faith that there is a higher plan. In the living in and the dismantling of a dysfunctional world we have experienced the harsh contrast of seeing and learning what we don’t want and what doesn’t work while realizing what we want to change and bring about differently in our new world.

Letting go of triggers and resistance

Something you can do here and now that will serve you and everyone around you is to practice letting go of every thought that triggers resistance to what is. Practice letting go of every emotional reaction in opposition to what is. Practice letting go of every physiological reflex that attempts to deny and resist what is. Simply notice how many times you consciously focus on denying or resisting what is. Practice the art of acceptance. From acceptance can come clear and inspired correct action.

Trust in the fires of disintegration and awakening. Awakening is actually a destructive process. Allow the passing of what was and embrace what is now occurring. It is a mystery, it is a marvel. It is what we are here now to experience and midwife. We are Lightworkers! We are in the dawning of a new age!

It is my honor and pleasure to share in this amazing transformation into the unknown with you. My heart is connected to yours and when yours opens a little more so does mine and the world shines a little brighter for us all!

I would like to offer you, readers of my Monthly Thoughts a way to begin the New Year even more clear and bright! Please choose any two Sessions that I offer and receive a Grace and Love infusion as a free bonus for any two Sessions scheduled in January of this year.

In Light, Love and Service,

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