Silk July 19 2014Our Higher-Self loves us unconditionally, totally, completely and without exception. When we align with our Higher-Self then we feel loved and our love of our self is total and complete. However, we feel pain and discord when our ideas and actions differ from that of the knowing of our Higher-Self. We begin to contract, our heart starts to close down and our energy decreases. Therefore, as you align more with your Higher-Self and deeper truth, loving yourself becomes effortless!

Our Higher-Self is aware of a multitude of factors that our conscious mind may not be, including those that are in our highest and best interests, and also how these combine and integrate with the interests of others. There is a massive co-creation taking place that is far beyond our comprehension and when we surrender to this through our alignment with our Higher-Self our life becomes easier. We naturally let go of resistance. We feel and trust in a benign nurturing world and universe. There is a natural ebb and flow of life and experiences that we can relax into. We easily let things take their natural course as we trust in a higher wisdom taking care of everything.

The MORE we are in alignment with our Higher-Self our frequency and vibration naturally rises. Higher dimensional beings vibrate at a very high frequency, and as we raise our own vibration we are more able to see and hear these other beings. We each have our own Divine Plan that our Higher-Self oversees and included in this can be the ability to communicate with and see higher dimensional beings.

We can only do this if we are resonating closer to or at their same frequency and vibration. Also not everyone who is of a high vibration sees and hears non-physical beings. The beings you want to hear and connect with are the superior ones who are vibrating very highly!

When you open your heart you open to more of who and what you can be and enable this aspect of yourself to ground here on earth!

An elevated personal alignment also guarantees that you will resonate with and attract others who are on the same wave length or vibrational resonance. This is true of physical as well as non-physical beings. Your focus and personal alignment will naturally attract those people who are in alignment with where you currently are at and this includes friends and partners who are the ones who fit most for you and you are in the most resonance with at this point in time.

As we move into the New Year I highly encourage you to make a commitment that will help you and everyone you love or care about by aligning as clearly as possible with your Higher-Self. You can do this in a multitude of ways. There is no single way or the best way, only the way or technique that works best for you in any given moment. A simple daily practice that allows you to become centered and aligned is a gift to yourself and everyone you come in contact with!

You have the power to change your own life and the lives of others through your personal example. Please make the choice to be kind, generous, gracious and loving as a practice. Making the choice to be in your highest alignment before choosing a course of action will always bring the highest and best results in any given situation. A daily practice of centering and aligning will help you to act from a calm place with the highest inspiration and alignment in sudden situations demanding immediate action.

You have the ability and opportunity to make the world a better place, a more kind and loving place. Aligning with your Higher-Self is what you can do to make a real difference for yourself and everyone you care about. You can be the change that you wish to see in the world!

In Light, Love & Service,

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