About the Sessions

The lightbody sessions work on the subtle energy body. Most are done as ‘distance healing sessions’ and done while a person is sleeping for the most ease in working on the person.

I am a skilled etheric surgeon (among other things) and use all my skills and abilities to assist this planets transition into Light. Due to the rather unique nature of my being, I work with and utilize a very clear, powerful and “intelligent” energy I have named “Eshyouhod” that channels through me and is unique to me, as far as I know.

Sessions Offered

Please review the sessions offered. You can links to a full description of each session, where you have the option to order and pay for the session. Upon receipt of an order I will contact you to determine the best time for your session.

If you are having difficulty deciding I would recommend first considering:

  • Diamond Lightbody Strengthening and Fortification
  • Energy Retrieval Session (“Soul Retrieval”)
  • Chakra Purification or KA Channel Purification
  • “NOW” Session may be appropriate anytime and is different each time it is received.

Several sessions are only done “hands on” and in person due to the nature of the energies involved. They are the Etheric Crystal Removal/Activation and the opening of the KA channels. I almost always recommend having the Etheric Crystal Removal/Activation session first if possible.

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